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Where is the landscaper in you? - Draw Like A Pro


Where is the landscaper in you?

Where is the landscaper in you? Great is the temptation to go through the Signus lesson on landscape too quickly, to swallow it like a child swallows his candy. Be

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careful not to miss the essential. Do you feel like a landscaper? How do we find the answer to this question? Having the technique to represent the various elements around us is rather useful, but not sufficient. The different chapters in the lesson give you the tools that will allow you to identify more clearly your understanding of nature as a model: Did you ever find yourself in the country with that “breath taking” feeling because everything seems so alive and majestic? Did you ever see the light makes the colours actually vibrate and have you ever felt the atmosphere full of that quite and peaceful spirit? Have you had the impression of well-being that makes you want to enjoy it as long as possible? Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) loved agitated weather like thunder storms, wild oceans and strong winds… John Constable (1776-1837) thought the sky should be the dominating element of a painting because “it is source of light and it overpowers everything” David Cox (1783-1859) wrote, in his treaty on landscaping: « the main part in painting landscape lies in communicating to our spirit the most powerful effect that various landscapes can produce.” What about you? Do you know what really moves you in a scenery? The quality of the Signus lesson on landscape lies in making you meet the subject with a strong observation work, true guide line of the Signus course, with a deep introspection, putting feelings into words, identifying what makes our spirit fully enthused.

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