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The five volumes - Draw Like A Pro


The five volumes

Drawing animals is a captivating subject. Isn’t it considered the most ancient type of visual art? Actually, as Piet Herzeel points with relevance, what is the most important for this sort of representation? Resemblance to the subject or the specific attitude of the animalUnited States ?

Therefore, the artist must ask himself the right questions in his observation work. But the animal of your choice, whatever it is, will not pose for you. Piet Herzeel is giving us a method that will allow you to grasp the essential shape of your subject before he takes a position of no interest for your drawing.

The whole method is described in the « Discover » section of the module: « THE FIVE VOLUMES ».

First, we must start with an observation work of the five specific volumes of your animal. These first outlines will give you the essential of your subject’s aspect. You will be able to touch it up later whatever position your animal decides to take.

Before practicing on the animals around you, go to the « Practice » chapter in order to make a first attempt on the rocky mountain goat. Piet Herzeel gives you step by step details on what your eye must look for.

But that’s not all. You will find some extra training exercices with the sketch tool supplied in the module. Several animals of different species to draw in a limited amount of time. A little bit of stress at the beginning because of the countdown but you will be asking for more after you’re done.

With this method, you can show Piet Herzeel what you can do in the « drawings to do «  gallery.

You can pick your own model or one of those displayed on Signus.

The question is: will your sheet be big enough ?

This module is full of surprises. A present is actually waiting for you there and one last advice if you haven’t checked it out yet: go to Gallery/museum on Signus and admire « the young hare » by Dürer. The observation work is amazing.

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