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The fan... - Draw Like A Pro


The fan…

Where does the hand-held fan come from ? The Orient supposedly…
When was it first used ? Since the creation of woman, with no doubt, ladies being naturally so charming and this attire being so elegant must have appeared the same day woman first existed. I’m convinced that Eve was using one in the garden of Eden. Her fan, bird feather, leaf or flower, to be more primitive, was nonetheless a fan !

Whatever its age or its origin, we must admit that it is the most charming piece of jewelry and the most precious ornament on a woman. It is actually the pretext for so many gracious moves and ravishing poses.

Sometimes mysterious, sometimes frivolous, imperious or teasing, it allows the protected face to shelter or to hide a smile, dry off a tear. It’s used more often to restrain a yawn due to a boring affair or to conceal a burst of blush listening to a hot story, than…

To keep off bugging flies,
To protect from the cold when the sun goes down,

Nothing more fanciful, alert, spiritual than the hand-held fan :

A fan can express all that you feel,
all that a heart can suffer.
It can flatter, refuse, agree,
condemn and approve.

It is therefore not a surprise that it has inspired so many poets and suggested delicate illustrations to
so many artists. Such as Watteau, Fragonard, Lancret, Moreau the young if we only mention the XVIIIth century artists, when nicely decorated fans were in fashion !

To make a pleasant composition and create an attractive painting on a fan, one must know how to do a little bit of everything, one must bend to all conceptions.

There is no limit in the composition of a fan or a screen blind.

All subjects can be painted, no matter how strange it may look, as long as you stay away from the common and the trivial : one can remain gracious while being original at the same time, treat highly unconventional subjects while keeping a good taste, even use, as decorative motive, unexpected objects or quite ordinary things while staying distinguished.
It all depends on the way you make your composition and interpret your work.

You can use a vegetable as well as a flower ; you can use a fish or a bird ; a dog, a cat, a rabbit can
make a terrific subject. I even pretend that the little pink pig can be a very pleasant subject. It can be part of a charming little scenery.

It has been said that, in faraway countries, that fairies can turn ugly things into gold or precious stones ; all you have to do is to pick something trivial and turn it into something beautiful and charming…

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