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The dog - Draw Like A Pro


The dog

It is correct, in a way, to say that all dogs have a similar anatomy. It is also accurate to say that they’re all so different. Unlike cats, dogs have been subject to all sorts of selective breeding depending on the period, the place or the culture. They have things in common but it is hard to say what is the proportion of similarities among the vast variety of dogs.

Straight legs are, most of the time, considered as an esthetic quality for a dog. Nevertheless, for some dogs such as the bull-dog, bowed legs are needed for good proportions.
The details of the anatomy are very visible on a greyhound. There is not much fat or skin or hair to hide it. The yorkshire terrier’s anatomy, though, is totally hidden by his hair.

The snub wrinkled nose of the pekinese is quite different from the pointy nose of a dachshund. Besides that particularity, they both have a similar body with short legs and a long body.

When it comes to drawing a dog, the conclusion is that only a close observation of each individual can lead to an accurate portrait.

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