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The cat - Draw Like A Pro


The cat

The cat, in spite of the respect, admiration and sometimes worship that man has or had for him, has not suffered from the centuries of selective breeding. Unlike the dogs, the cat’s anatomy has remained the same altogether. The actual cat that we all know is quite the same as the one worshiped by the pharaohs.

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Even his big brothers such as the tiger, lion or panther, have kept their typical shape. To summarize, we can depict the cat’s body as narrow from one end to the other. The back legs, higher than the front ones, give him that powerful look and the wide jaws show the hunter in him blow up water slides. The forehead is receding and the ears far apart. The eyes are wide and round with an expression of concentration. The neck is short and strong. The cat always gives an impression of suppleness and the abundant skin sort of hides all anatomical details.

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