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Lines and masses

You have in mind a particular drawing you decided to work on. You might not have anything specific in mind but you want to draw what’s in front of you. Being lucky, you happen to have your pencil and sketch board. What can you do? Start drawing, of course! But how? Do you start drawing lines or would you rather go with the masses? Do you outline right away or do you apply shades and fill up blanks? Maybe both at the same time? So there are two approaches about drawing, LINES and MASSES. Unless you feel at ease with both ways, it is

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better to be good at one of them at least. Don’t get me wrong, my purpose is not only to allow you to figure out what is your favourite style but also to favour one style or the other according to what you are looking for. That’s the first question you have to ask yourself if you want to make an accomplished drawing. In his class, Piet Herzeel gives us thinking paths all necessary to the construction of a deep and inspired drawing:

  • What do you want to show or outline in particular?
  • What tool to use? Which pencil to use and how hard?
  • What would be the proper base? In what way can this influence your work?
  • How to choose the best angle?

In the “workshop” tab you can practice with a concrete example and understand why, according to the subject you picked, you should choose lines or masses and how you can define and reproduce the right intensity of your masses. Piet Herzeel shows us, step by step, how to build a scale with different shades of grey and how to sort them out in order to avoid having too many tones. You can try out both styles in the exercises that Piet Herzeel suggests at the end of this module. You can, for example, make out a drawing according to the chart that you just created. Pencils ready! Squint your eyes! Start drawing!

Colour and colouring in your drawings


Learn to draw lines

You must master your pencil, there are many types of lines to draw, not just straight or curved. The style of line will depend not only on the type of pencil and support but also the gesture and movement of the artist while tracing. The angle and shape of the tip cheap bouncy houses, the pressure applied… are all ingredients to forming a different stroke. Pencil strokes

Using colour

Change the pressure you

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apply to obtain shaded of grey Try practicing to obtain the following effect

This article is an extract of the Signus online drawing course