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What level can I hope for ?

Our free trial on SIGNUS is actually a wonderful entrance hall to the world of drawing. It’s not designed to actually give you a certain level but rather to show you what drawing really means, how much time you will need to reach the level you want or what kind of satisfaction you can expect.

As for the full SIGNUS course, on the other hand, I can say with no hesitation that, for most students, a very high level can be reached. For some, it will take 6 months and for others, 18 months. It all depends on the amount of time invested by each one according to the availability.

Technique as well as creativity are both necessary in any artistic occupation. Those elements play a major role in the student’s improvement and they can be quite different depending on the person.

One will often be more at ease in an area more than in the other and, when both aspects meet, that’s when the work can become a masterpiece. That’s what I wish you to discover if you decide to follow the full SIGNUS course.

The free trial is not a full class, it’s only an initiation. It would not be honest on my part to let you think that it will make an advanced artist of you. You can find, however, plenty of fun and discoveries in the world of drawing. No need to reach for a level, then. It doesn’t have to be a goal in itself. You should, instead, ask yourself what could bring you a good amount of satisfaction and joy in your life. Drawing is practically a way of life. Think it over…

Piet Herzeel



7 years of development to elaborate an outstanding online drawing class.

Signus is an e-learning  platform dedicated to the art of drawing. Result of 7 years of development, Signus is built on the most innovating technique in order to recreate online the real life of a drawing workshop with communication between students and regular advices of the master, with commented corrections, exercises, animations…
But there is a lot more: The Signus workshop is open 24/7 and students from each part of the world can meet at all times Inflatable Pools.


Characteristics of the Signus platform

Innovating : This interface owns an e-learning platform dedicated to the teaching of visual arts. Signus was sponsored by the French ANVAR (Research and Value National Agency).

Rich Media Interface : Signus uses all the Web Multimedia tools: remote corrections with a graphics tablet, virtual classes, audio commentaries, videos and 3D in order to create a warm and lively atmosphere. Signus vividly plays the card of the online community and of interactivity.

Full and academic : 104 modules (class) as of today or in other words 2 years of daily class at the rythm recommended by Piet Herzeel, creator of Signus. It represents the equivalent of a 2400 page book. The teaching structure is available by branches (anatomy, shadow and light, perspective, composition, …etc) and has an impressive documentation and library of models.

Accessible to all : The access through Internet and a very affordable fee make it accessible to anybody in the world.

Who is SIGNUS for ?

  • Amateurs, from the beginner to the advanced, anybody who wishes to learn how to draw or how to improve.
  • Future professionals who can train on SIGNUS.
  • Computer graphics designers who want to improve their  skills.
  • Numerous professionals in various areas such as design, artwork and art-therapy.


What do you need to draw on Signus ?

What machine and what softwares: An Internet connection, preferably fast, a PC, Mac or Linux, a recent browser (SIGNUS is regularly optimized for the free and multi-platform browser, Firefox), a scanner or a digital camera.

Supplies for drawing:  a ream of white paper, a pencil and an eraser are sufficient to start with. The material needed is always affordable.


What makes the difference ?

With the other courses on the market.


A very progressive learning process with structured modules. Once registered, each member can reach his modules at the pace of one per week. However, each member is free to devote the time he chooses to.

A free trial period with no engagement. Each new member can try Signus for free, before subscribing. A certain number of modules are actually given and he can enjoy them for as long as he wants.

A 100% money-back guarantee. Signus refunds the current month to anybody unsatisfied.

A personalized and active follow-up. Different animations in order to motivate students and help them develop their creative potential, forums on every module, chat between the students…

A multi-leverage giveaway program designed to encourage members to improve and to thank them for their loyalty. Bonuses, presents, a turnkey gallery, contests, surprises…

A few numbers about SIGNUS:


2002-2007 : Development of the Signus innovation program.
January 2008 : Launching of the beta testing period with real users in France. Rising of the community with a progression of a 1000 members average per month.
September 2009 : Birth of the French SIGNUS. About 25,000 French speaking members.
December 2009: Launching of the English SIGNUS.

pietPiet Herzeel, founder of SIGNUS. An artist who spreads the word.

« Signus is the fruit of 20 years of personal experience and research in three different areas: arts, distance teaching and NICT. First of all, however, Signus is a human adventure.
It appeared to me essential to never let the new technologies used on Signus hide the real stake of such a platform. After puting together all the teaching skills acquired in actual workshops and analysing the real motivations of Internet users eager to learn, Signus is generously using a vast palette of new technologies.
Founded on a very audacious concept, Signus always went ahead of the users daily requests. This proactive stage allowed them to make the most of the many developments and adjustments of the tool.
A whole community of artists make it their daily social, cultural and artistic meeting. Signus is now spontaneously animated by people of all ages, places and social backgrounds. Used to be in constant motion and thanks to the success that we know today, Signus will continue to enrich continuously in order to remain the reference in its own field and allow its members to give birth to talents until now hidden. »

Where is the landscaper in you?

Where is the landscaper in you? Great is the temptation to go through the Signus lesson on landscape too quickly, to swallow it like a child swallows his candy. Be

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careful not to miss the essential. Do you feel like a landscaper? How do we find the answer to this question? Having the technique to represent the various elements around us is rather useful, but not sufficient. The different chapters in the lesson give you the tools that will allow you to identify more clearly your understanding of nature as a model: Did you ever find yourself in the country with that “breath taking” feeling because everything seems so alive and majestic? Did you ever see the light makes the colours actually vibrate and have you ever felt the atmosphere full of that quite and peaceful spirit? Have you had the impression of well-being that makes you want to enjoy it as long as possible? Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) loved agitated weather like thunder storms, wild oceans and strong winds… John Constable (1776-1837) thought the sky should be the dominating element of a painting because “it is source of light and it overpowers everything” David Cox (1783-1859) wrote, in his treaty on landscaping: « the main part in painting landscape lies in communicating to our spirit the most powerful effect that various landscapes can produce.” What about you? Do you know what really moves you in a scenery? The quality of the Signus lesson on landscape lies in making you meet the subject with a strong observation work, true guide line of the Signus course, with a deep introspection, putting feelings into words, identifying what makes our spirit fully enthused.