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Learn how to draw a face

How to draw a face

A step by step guide in drawing faces which look like people.

You can begin by just drawing circles then add the main features such as the nose, eyes, ears and mouth. To progress to a higher quality in shape and emotion you’ll have to learn that the human head is not just an oval stuck on top of a rigid body. The head has an inclination, the eyes are looking in a certain direction and the mouth has an expression. The person may be laughing, crying or speaking to someone and you’ll want to give life and character to the sketch.

With the Signus art course, even a novice will rapidly learn the steps and techniques required in drawing a realistic human face or cartoon style characters.

Drawing facesCartoon sketch

Lessons to teaching you to draw faces

The Signus lessons will guide you progressively through all the phases.

Start drawing basic shapes and searching for recognisable forms
Draw step by step

You’ll learn to understand the structure of the human skull, proportions.
Parts of a face

  • Facial expressions
  • Proportions
  • Volume & shape
  • Position of eyes, ears, mouth and lips
  • Emotions
  • Shading and light on the face

Drawing facial expressions

People will always show their emmotions with expressions on their faces, from laughter to anger, smiles to crying, surprise to fear.

expressions on faces facial
Each type of expression changes the shape of the face, the eyes, nose and mouth will be in different positions, wrinkles can be more or less pronounced. The eyebrows are raised or lowered…
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