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Mounting a Picture

If you want your drawings or paintings to look even more attractive, you have to learn how to mount them correctly. It’s not difficult and it’s very pleasant. You will be surprised to see how much more attractive they look when they are mounted, even if you decide to glue your work to a simple sheet of paper.

Only mounting one of your own can allow you to appreciate the effect of quality mounting. A white border will make all the difference in the world. To mount your painting in a very simple way you will need a sheet of clean and thick white paper. It has to be a few inches larger in each direction than the size of the painting. It’s impossible to give exact dimensions because they depend on too many things, but if your picture is 20 inches by 10 inches, for example, try to find a sheet of paper at least 26 inches by 16 inches. Narrow borders are better than no border at all, but they are not as good as wide ones. Placing your picture correctly on its mount is very important if you want it to look as nice as possible. You have to put the sheet of white paper on a flat surface and then you have to put the painting or drawing on it, in what seems to be the best position. Strangely enough, the painting will not look its best if it is exactly at the centre of the mount. The left-hand and right-hand margins should have the same width, but the margin below the picture should be a little wider than the one above it. If you do differently, the picture will look like it’s not firmly mounted. It won’t look as steadily placed, as it would if it was a little above the centre. If you don’t trust your judgment in placing your paintings on their mount, just do a little calculation. 20 inches from 26 inches leaves 6 inches. Divide this equally into two, and you will find that the left. and right-hand margins should be 3 inches each. 10 inches from 16 inches also leaves 6 inches. lf you decide to apply the rule for the top and bottom margin you should not divide equally, but into 3½ inches and 2½ inches, you will be able to make the top margin 2½ inches wide and the bottom margin 3½ inches wide. This way, your mounting will look better proportionned. If you agree with this arrangement, mark the correct positions of the corners of your painting with small pencil marks. Then remove the painting, put a little glue on the back of each corner and put it back between the pencil marks on the mount. Put something heavy but clean on it while it dries. Then pin it up. You will be surprised how much better the painting will look once it has been correctly mounted !