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More about water - Draw Like A Pro


More about water

There are a few similarities between drawing skies and drawing water. If you can imagine a still surface of water nicely lit up by a bright sunshine, you can also imagine how simple and easy it would be to use a piece of white paper to draw that clear surface a little bit like you would draw a sky. Most the time, if you feel that you have to draw lines and it is sometimes the case when drawing still water, make sure they stay horizontal. It is in fact hard to resist from the temptation to draw vertical lines when you see the reflexion of a vertical object. That’s when the technique of the horizontal lines should be respected in spite of the temptation. Even when the water surface is agitated, the horizontal lines should be used… Of course, the undulations of the water seem to push us toward other kinds of lines going the way the water goes. It’s tempting to fall into the trap. Actually, unless the water is really running in all different ways, it’s best to keep horizontal lines as much as possible. Of course, it is needed to skip a few lines here and there and to “organize” a certain irregularity among them. When the weather gets rough or if we are to draw a waterfall or some rapids on a river, the lines we draw should follow the general movement of the flow. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. As with skies, when we draw water, we have to be very bashful with lines. In drawing water, the plain surface of the paper is actually the best base as long as we know how to shape it with the right amount of lines. The picture is a good example of how the lines follow the flow until it becomes stagnant or at least flat. Notice the few lines used to show a large volume of water. Using too many lines would have taken away the impression of heaviness. When drawing skies or water, let’s be greedy on these tempting lines…

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