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Life model drawing in Brussels - Draw Like A Pro


Life model drawing in Brussels

The first Life model drawing training session by Piet Herzeel took place in july and august 2011 in Brussels. He decided to begin with a female model, easier to start with. Some models are more adapted to sketching than others. The model we had last summer was very interesting in the sense that she is perfectly adapted to the different levels and experiences of all the students. In order to satisfy everybody, the model took many short poses in order to create the effect that we really want: forgetting the tool and concentrating on the model and the rhythms of the poses. Short poses also allow you to try out various techniques, charcoal, pastel, ink, pencil and so on… A preparatory work is always done in order to discover a few techniques needed for taking measures and displaying the subject on the sheet. The poses taken the previous day are repeated daily for about 30 to 45 minutes in order to allow the students who want to finish up a drawing to do so during the whole length of the session. The students who want to do differently can always circle around the model during that time in order to catch one view or another concentrating on some anatomy detail or aiming for sketching from several angles. If you continue on with an oil painting session, you can always use one of your best sketches as a draft for a painting. If you decide to do so, you can actually adapt your approach during the life model session. You will still have to work on a still life in order to follow the oil painting session though. Life model drawing is a necessary step in learning how to understand how the human body looks and how it moves. I hope to see you in Brussels one day with Piet. We’ve had the best of time so far and we look forward to keeping up the good work and enjoy learning what only very few can have access to…

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