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Learning perspective - Page 2 of 4 - Draw Like A Pro


Learning perspective

Grasping the idea of perspective

Try to imagine the problem from the point of view of a blind man. He cannot appreciate the depth of a place unless he has actually been able to move inside this space. Unlike those of us blessed with sight, he does not have the ability to, as it were, “travel with the eye”. If someone blind from birth were suddenly able to see, he would have the horrible impression that everything was being thrown at his face. But while a blind person cannot drive a car, a one-eyed man or woman certainly can. In other words, having only one eye does not stop one from appreciating the depth of a place or the distance separating, for example, two cars. Three-dimensional vision is not the only way of receiving information about depth. We might say that a one-eyed person driving a car “reads” the depth in the perspective whereas you, when you draw, “write” this perspective in order to give the illusion of depth. The procedure is virtually the opposite.

Perspective passes through an incredibly sophisticated piece of photographic equipment – your eye. Just think of it: the film can be reused as often as you like, the memory card is built-in, the connections are supplied, the shutter is sensor-controlled and the viewfinder (system) is automatic! We are in fact incredibly lucky in possessing a dual system with all the advantages of 3D vision. But 3D view – the result of the merging of two different images each received by an eye – is not the same thing as view in perspective.

You can link up a printer to this wonderful camera. It consists of a piece of paper, a pencil and your hand. Once again everything is pre-installed!

Now all you need is a good software program to drive your equipment. Day after day, you will become more proficient in operating your own software. Learning to draw is really a questioning of exploiting your software. And very soon the software will be guiding your hand intelligently and accurately.

Before a person makes a speech in public, he tries to find out something about his audience. Before take-off, a test pilot carefully studies the configurations of the aircraft. In the same way, we are going to embark on a little conducted tour of your eye. It will be time well spent!

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