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How to use shadows and lights - Draw Like A Pro


How to use shadows and lights

Shadow and shade

The three types of light

  1. Sunlight
  2. Ordinary daylight
  3. Artificial light

Sun light and shadows

The sun creates a very different light and shadow depending if the sky is clear or overcast but also on the time of day and the position in the sky. The colours

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and shadows at sunrise and sunset are very different than those at midday. When the sun is low on the horizon the shadows will be long, colours of objects will inherit the warm reds, oranges and yellows of the sun. On a clear day objects will have a sharp and dark shadow, however if the weather is overcast, the shadows become less contrasted and the edges are less distinct. The time of day will affect the length of the shadow, in the morning and evening the shadows are long, whilst at midday they are short.

Artifical light

Diffused light, dark, light, effects, contrast, brightness, texture, strokes, lines. When lighting an object you want to do draw, limit yourself to one source of light for the time being. Once you have completely mastered the basics we are discussing here you can move on to more complex forms of lighting.


What is contrast ? Contrast is difference between the light and dark areas in a painting or drawing.

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