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From black to white - Draw Like A Pro


From black to white

When a dark tone surrounds a lighter tone area the contrast between the two areas is more obvious. Before we specify the word “contrast” let’s clarify the word “tone”. The quantity of light has influence on the tone just as much as the color of a specific patch. An orange patch would be a lot lighter in tone than a black one when you look at them next to each other but if you compare them to a pink one, the orange one and the pink one might be of the same tone. To make all this more clear, you can put together several pieces of paper of different colors and sort them out from the darkest to the lightest using your own judgment. If you look at them with half-closed eyes you will be able to minimize the importance of colors as you really can see the different tones. Also, pay attention to the change of light when the dawn falls. If you sit down on your terrace and look at the trees across the street, as the light of the day gets dimmer, you will see how colors are slowly replaced by by a variety of tones. Let’s assume we have a moonless night… When it finally gets totally dark, a simple light turned on or off will change dramatically the different tones noticeable on the trees, the houses, the people and other things around you. it’s all a matter of contrast…

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