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Mar 25 2010

Perspective : Visual ray and Horizon line.

Anybody interested in the art of drawing knows or will know how important is Perspective. If you have already reached that particular module, Piet Herzeel has already given you all the basics on this wide subject knowing that at least fifteen modules are devoted to Perspective on Signus. Using a third approach, Piet Herzeel makes [...]

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Aug 14 2008

Learning perspective and view points

The nine typical viewpoints There are nine typical views which will help you many a time. Try to fix these views in your mind by practising as much as you can, first by referring to the model and then gradually on your own. The 9 typical views of frontal perspective. There are 9 boxes in [...]

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Jun 14 2008

Learning perspective

Learning perspective

How to use perspective. Although we live a world with three dimensions, you only have two dimensions when drawing a picture on paper. The third dimension, the one that will give depth to the painting, sketch, draft or whatever is created by using the rules of perspective. Even if you are only sketching still-life objects [...]

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