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Art training courses in Brussels - Draw Like A Pro


Art training courses in Brussels

Every so often, a teacher needs to face a real live class.

Piet Herzeel, founder of the Signus online drawing course, firmly believes in this. Actually, after many    months of putting the online course together, he had a true need for a live class…
It was also, for him as well as for the students, a great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful city of BrusselsHe has had two sessions so far during the past two summers.
The first one was only devoted to oil painting, Flemish technique and last summer had a little more  variety with a session on dry pastel, live nude drawing and also Piet’s specialty again, the oil painting,  Flemish technique.

The sessions usually take place at the end of july when people often have a little more time. They take place at the 1st and 3rd floor of a private house located in a peaceful street of Ixelles. The second floor is actually used to lodge a few students. Meals are taken on the spot during the lunch break or at one of the small restaurants of the area depending on your preference.


In just a few days, you will know all that you need to know so you can find out how you can appreciate this  particuliar technique.
All Signus training sessions require a minimum of knowledge in drawing but you don’t need to be already a pro.

The material.
For the last sessions it was asked to bring dry chalk pastel as well as pastel crayons. As for the paper, the half tint sheets are fine.
You can find several kinds of paper at the school in order to become familiarized with the different sorts.
If you cannot bring any pastel, you will be able to find some there at a very affordable price.


Painting by student

Piet does not wish the students to bring any material. All you can bring would be an apron, rags of coton (not fluffy. Bed sheets per example), 3 small empty jelly jars. The paintbrushes you are supposed to bring will be described early next year.
You can also bring two or three nice looking objects of your choice that you will be able to paint after you organize your still life. A choice of appropriate objects are available there and you can also paint a fruit or some food that you can buy in the neighborhood.


Live nude drawing

For the life model drawing, you will find all the necessary material in the room but if you prefer, you can bring charcoal crayons or chinese brushes if you are used to them. Some students feel more at ease with their own material.

And after a whole day of learning and practicing, the city of Brussels is to be visited with its history and museums…  Piet always makes sure everybody has the best possible time.

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