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Cattle and deer - Draw Like A Pro


Cattle and deer

When it comes to drawing, you might hear about cattle and deer as if they were in the same category. Of course, they do have things in common… As for the main differences, we can say that, on a zoological point of view, they differ quite a bit. As for the common points, and that’s what is of interest for us, we can easily notice that the back is almost perfectly straight in both categories.
Also, the antelope and the buffalo as well as the bull have a very flat head from the poll to the tip of the nose. The ears are fairly low on each side of the head because the horns, big or small, cut or not, are set on top of the head. Unlike the horse or the cat, the whole body, from shoulders to buttocks is full of angles. Cattle have in common a very straight horizontal back and belly. In both categories, the hind legs tend to slope forwardwater trampoline australia for sale.

Notice the rectangular shape of the body

A wild and gracious version of our farm cow

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