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Aug 21 2012

From black to white

Contrast is an important thing to understand as we would likle to appreciate tones and colors.

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Oct 31 2011

Christine’s thoughts on her Brussels art session

Christine's thoughts on her Brussels art session

“These were 2 weeks of pure happiness, from beginning until the end. We had some challenges of course, particularly during the first week, but I can sincerely say that I’m happy and proud I took this session.” Christine actually picked a rather difficult subject. One of the objects in her still life was in fact [...]

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Oct 22 2011

Art training courses in Brussels

Art training courses in Brussels

Every so often, a teacher needs to face a real live class. Piet Herzeel, founder of the Signus online drawing course, firmly believes in this. Actually, after many    months of putting the online course together, he had a true need for a live class… It was also, for him as well as for the students, [...]

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Sep 29 2011

More about water

More about water

There are a few similarities between drawing skies and drawing water. If you can imagine a still surface of water nicely lit up by a bright sunshine, you can also imagine how simple and easy it would be to use a piece of white paper to draw that clear surface a little bit like you [...]

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Sep 6 2011

Life model drawing in Brussels

Life model drawing in Brussels

bouncy castles

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Aug 25 2011

Cattle and deer

Cattle and deer

When it comes to drawing, you might hear about cattle and deer as if they were in the same category. Of course, they do have things in common… As for the main differences, we can say that, on a zoological point of view, they differ quite a bit. As for the common points, and that’s [...]

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Jul 14 2011

The dog

It is correct, in a way, to say that all dogs have a similar anatomy. It is also accurate to say that they’re all so different. Unlike cats, dogs have been subject to all sorts of selective breeding depending on the period, the place or the culture. They have things in common but it is [...]

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Jun 21 2011

The fan…

Where does the hand-held fan come from ? The Orient supposedly… When was it first used ? Since the creation of woman, with no doubt, ladies being naturally so charming and this attire being so elegant must have appeared the same day woman first existed. I’m convinced that Eve was using one in the garden [...]

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May 29 2011

The cat

The cat, in spite of the respect, admiration and sometimes worship that man has or had for him, has not suffered from the centuries of selective breeding. Unlike the dogs, the cat’s anatomy has remained the same altogether. The actual cat that we all know is quite the same as the one worshiped by the [...]

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May 17 2011

Drawing animals

Drawing animals

If you want to know the different techniques to draw animals you should first concentrate on one species only and then find out the differences with the other ones. It’s accurate to say that all vertebrates have a lot in common. They all have a spine. Sometimes, it holds them upright and internally like  for [...]

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